UNDER THE FIG TREE Reed Bouquet Diffuser by Parfum Lampe Berger
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UNDER THE FIG TREE Reed Bouquet Diffuser by Parfum Lampe Berger.

A cult favorite returns! Transport yourself to a Mediterranean orchard with the scent of fig in its totality - fruit, leaf, and wood..

This elegant glass cube is topped by a ring and its bouquet of black twigs, for a contemporary design. The twigs, created in engineered polymer, guarantee optimal diffusion of the fragrance without discolouration in the solution. Product ready to use, filled with 125ml of fragrance. 
  • Length of diffusion: 4 weeks
  • REFILL WITH 200Ml Parfum Berger Refills.  This product DOES NOT use the 500ML Lampe Oil.  Make sure to specify the 200ML Refill when refilling.

The Under The Fig Tree Home Fragrance is a perfect balance between the tenacious green freshness of crumpled fig leaves and the warm and syrupy milkiness of ripe sap. The warm and embracing atmosphere is given by the top notes of coconut milk, fig and peach, followed by the modern pungency of hawthorn and licorice, with a base of violet, lavender and clove.


Peach, Coconut, Fig


Hawthorn, Licorice


Violet, Lavender, Clove