MYSTIC LEATHER Reed Bouquet Diffuser by Parfum Lampe Berger
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MYSTIC LEATHER Reed Bouquet Diffuser by Parfum Lampe Berger.

Like the call and response of a jazz melody, the understated elegance of this cool, classic reed diffuser plays off warm notes of spice and leather.

This elegant glass cube is topped by a ring and its bouquet of black twigs, for a contemporary design. The twigs, created in engineered polymer, guarantee optimal diffusion of the fragrance without discolouration in the solution. Product ready to use, filled with 125ml of fragrance. 
  • Length of diffusion: 4 weeks
  • REFILL WITH 200Ml Parfum Berger Refills.  This product DOES NOT use the 500ML Lampe Oil.  Make sure to specify the 200ML Refill when refilling.

Mystic Leather is a duet between lush rose and supple leather, softly serenaded by a medley of warm, rich spices. A spicy, leathery scent so effortlessly chic, you are instantly transported to a laidback lounge.


Blackberries, Cardamom


Incense, Rose, Cumin


Patchouli, Leather