IMMERSION Green Lampe by Maison Berger
Immersion Green Fragrance Lamp - Lampe Berger by Maison Berger

With the Green Immersion Lampe Berger, the designer Rozenn Mainguené tells us the story of nature bursting forth. Its force is displayed in a thick glass, oval-shaped bottle which ensures perfect balance. Its naturalness is asserted in a flamboyant shade of invigorating green. Movement is demonstrated through an endless cascade of ripples and elegance is shown with a silver metal ball-shaped mounting. With this fragrance diffuser, the designer invites us on a journey to the heart of an unbridled, flourishing nature, guided by the unique technical know-how of Mason Berger Paris.

Capacity: 290 ml
Top: Shiny silver ball-shaped mounting
Color: Green

Lamp sold in pack with a catalytic burner, 1 stopper & 1 funnel.