Under The Olive Tree/Exquisite Sparkle Fragrance Sampler By Maison Berger - 500Ml
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Discover two fragrances that explore different facets of ancient Greek life—the festive exuberance of Exquisite Sparkle and the woody intoxicating aromas of Under the Olive Tree.

Discover two warm fragrances that will transport you to ancient sun-bathed Mediterranean vistas with the Alpha Lamp Refill Duopack. Under the Olive Tree is a woody, mysterious fragrance that blends rare ingredients like Oudh with popular aromas including olive wood and patchouli. This heavenly fragrance seduces and enchants. Exquisite Sparkle imbues your home with color and revelry. Zesty grapefruit and effervescent notes awaken the woody strength of patchouli in a delightful, contrasting aroma. Fill your home with either a celebratory or a sensual ambiance as these aromas guide you on a delightful, aromatic trip through time to the heart of an ancient civilization.

Use with any Lampe Berger to purify and delicately perfume your home. The Lampe Berger has a unique and patented diffusion system that helps eradicate undesirable odors and bacteria while also diffusing your favorite fragrance. Purify your air the French way.

This set includes:

  • Under the Olive Tree Lamp Refill 250 ml (8.5 oz)
  • Exquisite Sparkle Refill 250 ml (8.5 oz)
Diffusion time
80 hours
2 x 250 ml (8.5 oz)