Cotton Caress and Pure White Tea Duo CUBE Sampler 500Ml - SALE
$24.00 $29.99

A moment of serenity suspended between the softness of a Cotton Caress and the delicacy of a Purity White Tea.

The Ice Cube collection lampe fragrance refill duo pack in 250ml consists of the Cotton Caress perfume with its fresh notes, its downy scents of orange blossom and its musk smell. An enveloping and comfortable olfactory composition for your interior. The second Pure White Tea perfume with its zesty notes of bergamot, the elegance of Yunnan white tea and the aphrodisiac scent of white musks, transports you to a pristine olfactory world.

This Ice Cube collection Lamps fragrance duo pack in 250ml makes it possible to purify the air of all the undesirable odors but also to scent it durably. With its 80 hours of perfume, be sure to have a voluptuous atmosphere in all circumstances. These fragrances are sold in a limited edition, so don't wait to take advantage!

80 hours of purification and scenting await you with this 250ml Circle Lamp Refill Set and its wide range of scented notes that add color to your interior. For a healthy home even in winter, fill your catalytic lamp and let the diffusion do its job.