Artichaut Frosted Lampe by Maison Berger
$80.00 $94.99
Artichaut Frosted Fragrance Lamp - Lampe Berger by Maison Berger

Lampe Berger pays homage to its heritage with this reissue of one of its flagship models. Created in the 1920s by Lalique for Lampe Berger, this Artichaut catalytic lamp has a lovely resolutely Art Deco design. It features a delicate satin finish, which will fit into all interiors. This fragrance diffuser is a true collector's item.

Capacity: 390 ml
Top: Tin silver criss-cross mounting engraved with Lampe Berger Paris
Color: White

Lamp sold in pack with a catalytic burner, 1 stopper & 1 funnel.