Amber Powder & Exquisite Sparkle Duo CERCLE Sampler 500Ml - SALE
$19.32 $29.99

Warm or festive atmosphere, change the atmosphere as you wish in your home with these two fragrances with pronounced notes.

The Limited Edition 250ml 2 Refills Set is composed of our two best Spicy & Woody house fragrances, Amber Powder and Exquisite Sparkle.

The warmth and intensity of the Amber Powder fragrance are imparted by spices, amber, and balms. The Exquisite Sparkle olfactory composition is flowery and invigorating, with its zesty grapefruit accords, its powerful woody scents of patchouli, and its effervescent notes. A scent for celebrations!

80 hours of purification and scenting await you with this 250ml Circle Lamp Refill Set and its wide range of scented notes that add color to your interior. For a healthy home even in winter, fill your catalytic lamp and let the diffusion do its job.