Trio Sampler Pack of Autumn Scents by Maison Berger - 540 Ml - SALE
$20.36 $35.00

Set of three home fragrance for your Lampe Berger. Pumpkin Delight, Red Berries, Home Sweet Home. 180ml/6 ounces x 3 for a total of 540 Ml.

Welcome the fall season with the right scents. Pumpkin Delight, Red Berries, Home Sweet Home. 



Because you deserve the best, we strongly recommend that you use your Lampe Berger exclusively with Maison Berger Paris official perfumes.

The Red Berries Home Fragrance offers a fruity tangy scent.  A scent that welcomes freshness with romantic notes of roses and red berries, while the spicy notes create a warm aroma, and like a best friend the powdery musk notes bring everything together.

The Home Sweet Home Lamp Fragrance is a woody and spicy Lamp Fragrance. With notes of patchouli, vanilla, cinnamon, and sandalwood. 

The Pumpkin Delight Home Fragrance is a limited edition for the holiday season! A warm spicy and sweet scent reminiscent of the smell of a pumpkin pie. With notes of cinnamon and apple sprinkled and finished with a sweet note of vanilla.