Immersion Grey Reed Diffuser with Lychee Paradise by Parfum Berger
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Decorative and functional.  A lush bouquet of fruity notes is continuously diffused into the air via natural willow sticks, filling any area with this lush green and exotic scent. Housed in a grey cut glass crystal lamp bottle, decorated with a silver colored collar. A sleek touch of luxury for any room. Diffusion time: +/- 4 months 

Gift set includes:

Immersion Collection Lamp Bottle
6.76 oz. Lychee Paradise fragrance refill
6 natural willow sticks

It is the story of a complex landscape, where the ruggedness of the trees rivals with the lightness of the foliage, where nature trickles with dew, fresh waterfalls and all the fruits of the Earth. It is a story of contrasts, a tale with a twist. It all begins with a little bit of impertinence with green apple stealing the show, reinforced with notes of watery fruits. Then a bouquet of white flowers is revealed, harmoniously blending with rose. Their lightness complements the delicate fragrance of lychee, a small, mellow and juicy fruit whose wateriness is added to with a few marine notes. Lastly, for even more luxuriance, the enveloping scents of coconut tinted with peach.

Head Notes: Melon, Lemon, Apple, Eucalyptus
Heart Notes: Grapefruit, White flowers, Rose, Lychee
Base Notes: Peach, Musk, Coconut