PET ODOR Reed Diffuser by Maison Berger - SALE
$19.36 $30.00

This Parfum Berger fragrance diffuser is specially designed to help get rid of pet odors and help maintain a wonderful fragrance in your home.. The glass cube diffuser is topped by a silver ring and comes with its bouquet of black diffuser sticks, which emphasizes its elegant design. 125 ml capacity. Includes fragrance pre-filled. Bottle color may vary from illistration.

Trusted in homes across the world Lampe Berger/Maison Berger Paris uses its expertise to strengthen your well-being, by taking care of indoor air. Originally designed in 1898 by pharmacy dispenser Maurice Berger to purify the air in hospitals. Today those same purifying actions are used for home use by destroying malodorous molecules combined with a boost of the finest fragrance. This Lampe Berger line is cherished by consumers worldwide as it removes unwanted odors from the air.  The Parfum Berger for Animal Odours Cube Bouquet neutralizes any undesirable animal odours your pets may produce. The patented formula allows the elimination of undesirable odours and brings a light freshness to your home. Using the science of enzymes - it truly is a wonderful product!   Estimated span of use is 60 to 90 days depending on dryness, air flow, and number of sticks used. Keep Out of Reach of Children.