Ylang's Sun Floral Authentic Lampe Berger® Fragrance
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Ylang's Sun Floral Authentic Lampe Berger® Fragrance.

COLLECTOR NOTE: Introduced August 2017.

An invitation to a journey where the destination is the sun! Ylang Ylang, “flower of flowers” in Indonesian, comes from Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines. Nowadays, the Comoros and Mayotte are the top producers in the world. The flowers are shaped like large stars grouped into clusters. Its first use in perfumery dates back to 1921 when Ernest Beaux, a perfumer for the Russian Court of the Tsars, created n°5 for Coco Chanel, who asked him for “a women’s perfume that smells like a woman.” The ylang-ylang would allow him to create something “very artificial, like a dress”, endowed with a floral effect without being able to distinguish the precise flower. Half-way between jasmine and tuberose, with a sensual, wild and intoxicating touch. Brings sensuality to the perfume, as well as a soft sunny aroma. Among the head notes, bright and sunny Tiare Flower with Orange Blossom and Vanilla then the perfume is scattered with sun-bathed Ylang-Ylang and Coconut.

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Ylang's Sun Floral Authentic Lampe Berger® Fragrance

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