Velvety Suede Authentic Lampe Berger® Fragrance - 500Ml
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Velvety Suede Authentic Lampe Berger® Fragrance - 500Ml.

COLLECTOR NOTE: Instroduced January 2018.


The new Lampe Berger Velvety Suede home fragrance pays homage to the know-how of the fashion and luxury universes and to the exceptional, velvety and almost sensual touch of suede. Its flight of spices and saffron is softened by a slightly iris-scented floral bouquet, and then reveals a delicately milky and smooth facet. A mixed and original, supple and silky olfactory composition, the excellence of French perfumery.


Perfume secret:

The suede accord is an imaginary note created by perfumers. It is both smooth and velvety, invented to modernise leather notes, sometimes considered too animal-like. It is a tactile evocation of suede, which is softer and smoother than leather. The suede note adds depth and a velvety touch to fragrant compositions. This accord was created to evoke the soft universe of leather handbags in homage to the origins of perfumery.

Expert tip:

Velvety Suede will envelop your home in a warm and very comfortable ambiance. Using perfumes other than those of Lampe Berger can seriously damage your burner.

The fragrance:

A spicy and woody Home Fragrance.

Top notes: Spices, saffron. Heart notes: Iris, rose, lily of the valley.

Bottom notes: Sandalwood, white musk, suede accord, vanilla.


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Velvety Suede Authentic Lampe Berger® Fragrance - 500Ml

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