Silk Touch Authentic Lampe Berger® Fragrance - 500Ml
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Silk Touch Authentic Lampe Berger® Fragrance - 500Ml.

COLLECTOR NOTE: Instroduced January 2018.

Description :

The new Silk Touch home fragrance has exquisitely radiant, fresh and green top notes. The soft and tender heart reveals the wealth of a floral bouquet, enhanced with powdery notes. The base of this delicate and enveloping composition is filled with sweet notes and voluptuous musky notes. This fragrance is as precious and rare as silk cloth, like the satin inside a jewellery box.


Perfume secret:

It is said that, in around 3,000 BCE, the wife of the Chinese emperor Hoang-Ti used to drink tea in the shade of trees. Wanting to remove a cocoon that had fallen into her cup, she fell upon a thread which unravelled endlessly. This was how silk was discovered... It remained a precious secret for nearly three thousand years. At the time, anyone who tried to steal silkworm eggs was sentenced to death! The perfumer worked with the notions of luxurious, precious and softness to recreate the ultra-sensuality of silk in a fragrance.

Expert tip:

Silk Touch will create a soothing, delicate and ultra-sensual harmony in your home. Using perfumes other than those of Lampe Berger can seriously damage your burner.

The fragrance:

A floral and delicate Home Fragrance.

Top notes: green notes, melon, aldehydes, heliotropin.

Heart notes: Rose petals, cyclamen, violet.

Bottom notes: Chocolate, musks, patchouli, Tonka bean, vanilla.

Composition: Perfumes, aqua, isopropyl alcohol.

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Silk Touch Authentic Lampe Berger® Fragrance - 500Ml

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